Why people Cannot speak English fluently? | Speaking English

Why people Cannot speak English fluently?
Melbourne Classical Radio - So the best way for this is that you, either consider yourself as a small child or consider the people in front as a small child. You must have seen, a small child is neither shy nor afraid to speak anything. He doesn't even know what honor and dishonor are. 

So he is able to learn his mother tongue. If from the very beginning it is said by his parents that you do not stammer, do not speak wrong words, then he may never be able to learn his mother tongue. So if you also want to learn to speak English, then you have to understand yourself like a small child. 

You must have noticed one more thing that if you are asked to give a speech, or sing a song in front of small children, then you will not feel ashamed at all, because you know that children do not have enough understanding, that they Judge you If this is the case, even while speaking English, think that all the small children of whom you are speaking English. Huh. This will also increase your confidence, and you will be able to speak everything very easily. 

Because when you understand people as children, then you will choose your words accordingly, so that children can understand your point. I have told you many times that when you speak English, choose your words very simple. Because whenever you talk to someone, you not only have to show that you have memorized a lot of difficult words, but you have to show that I can talk in such a way, that anyone can talk to me easily To be understood. 

You must have seen that whenever a motivational speaker speaks something. So choose the words keeping your audience in mind. If he is speaking something for people above 40, then his words remain on the same level, and while talking to the youngster, he also talks romantic things in between to keep his mind engaged. 

Apart from this, you must have seen many such people, who are unable to utter those words in their speech, which will attract people, due to which people do not go to their speech. And even if they go by mistake, they come back soon, and never go again. 

You have to take care that this doesn't happen to you. Because if you mostly use words that are not used in common language, then the person in front will have to use the dictionary to understand your words, and no one wants the dictionary to understand the thing. I'll use So even if you want to improve your communication skills, you have to take care that you do not have to use difficult words. 

Because you can make your language attractive even by using simple words. Most of us want to speak the best synonym of any word. While you should understand that any person wants to talk to the one he feels comfortable talking to. Suppose, you talk to someone whose language you do not understand. How long will you be able to talk to him? I bet you'll agree with me, that you'll either run away from him, or you both just keep quiet. 

You can't even talk because you don't know the language. The same will happen with you, if you use more difficult words, then you may or may not talk to the person in front of you, but the person in front of you will definitely run away from you. Apart from this, the problem of many people is that if they speak English and if someone tells them somewhere that you have spoken wrong, then from next time they do not speak English at all. 

You don't have to do that. If you keep pushing yourself back all the time listening to what others say, you will never be able to speak English. I'll tell you a story. Once a race for disabled people was organized, on which the disabled had to cross several stages, jump, swim, escape from the fireballs, and much more. When the race started, the race was so tough, that the crowd started shouting that stop, you will die, don't go ahead. 

Doing this way all the people stopped, there was only one person who completed the race and won. You will be surprised to know why that person won the race. When he was asked the reason for his victory, he told that he is deaf, not able to hear. He only saw that people were shouting loudly and saying that you will do this and I have done it. 

So this is what happens with us, if we hear that you cannot do it, then we cannot do it, but if we start feeling that we will do it, then there is no such work in the world which we will not be able to do. Speaking English is such a small thing. 

So if you want to learn to speak English then you also have to be deaf, no matter what anyone says, just focus on your goal and you will achieve it.

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