How can you avoid being a boring speaker? | Public Speaking Tips

How can you avoid being a boring speaker? | Public Speaking Tips
Hey there! This is Eka Kris from Melbourne Classical Radio back with another public speaking tip. In this article, I want to cover why you should not have your biography read before your next public speaking engagement; and this is whether it's in person or virtual. 

The answer to that is very simple is very uh straight to the point...the reason you shouldn't have your bio read before you go to speak in front of an audience is that it's boring! I mean that's it, plain as day. It's just it's boring. End the article. 

I'm done here...no, I'm not done. lol, That is the answer, but if you stick around for a few more moments, I'll tell you why. But to reiterate that... the reason you shouldn't do it is that it's boring. So, how many times have you gone to an award ceremony, a conference, a gala, or something of that nature, and the emcee of the evening rattles off a long list of accomplishments before each speaker? Award ceremonies tend to be the worst at doing this. 

There can be 50 people coming up to accept an award, and they will read off the bio of all 50 people it's the most snooze-fest the thing I've ever seen and I'm not sure why people keep doing it. So, here is my take on how you can do that better. I'll just use myself as an example and I'll try to replicate the way most of us have experienced this most unfortunate tragedy of boredom. 

It's usually a very well-meaning MC who has their notes in front of them and they want to introduce the next speaker, so they have their professional bio and it usually starts off like this: Cheril Clarke is the Founder of Phenomenal Writing an executive communications consulting agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

She has worked with Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, physicians and so many more business leaders and then it goes off into my education and then sooner or later the audience just hears blah blah blah that's it! You lost them before it began! No one wants to hear all of that. To keep you honest with you, I'm Cheril Clarke, and I don't even want to hear all of that. I much rather a different approach and I have given MCs something completely different tailored to who is in the audience. 

Let me give you an example pretending that I'm going to be speaking to a group of medical or healthcare executives: "The next speaker coming to the stage has helped dozens of healthcare leaders just like you when it comes to communication. 

She has helped them dispel medical misinformation, drive health equity, and make strong cases when it comes to lawmakers and pushing for more funding for public health initiatives. She has worked with hospital and health insurance CEOs as well as surgeons worldwide. 

And today, she is going to share with you some of her awesome communication tips to help you get the traction and engagement you need when you're doing public speaking events so that you can get the results that you want. 

So, without wasting another moment please let's put your hands together and welcome Eka Kris - she's here to help! I don't know about you but I much prefer the second version over someone reading my professional biography. The professional biography is important but it's not as important as making a connection and keeping that few seconds that you have to keep people's attention at the top of a speech. 

If you'll notice, it immediately identified with who's in the audience by saying health care leaders. It also said that I had worked with dozens of people just like them, and it also promised that I was going to give away some secrets on how I am able to communicate effectively for certain results. 

That is so much more promising than telling someone where I went to school and what awards I won. They probably don't care as much as we think they do because they came to get something out of this event and it's not my um resume. I would love to know your comments on this topic, so please feel free to leave them below. 

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