3 Things to Practice Every Day to Improve Your English Communication Skills

3 Things to Practice Every Day to Improve Your English Communication Skills
Melbourne Classical Radio - Do you wanna speak English confidently and fluently? Today I’m gonna tell you 3 Strategies to Dramatically Improve Your English and reach an Advanced level fast. If you don't know me I'm Kate I live in Russia and for recent few years I have been teaching English. 

I started with private tutoring of children at the age of 3, and after a while, I went ahead teaching adults. Today I’ll share with you the strategies that helped me to become fluent in English. Now let’s start with the first one LEARN NEW VOCABULARY EVERY DAY It’s the most essential tip that can help you reach C2 Level Fast I know that you’re short of time, you have to work, study and do many things But I truly believe that you have 30 minutes a day to practice your English. 

If you really want to dramatically improve your speaking skills and your understanding, you will definitely spend these 30 minutes for learning new English vocabulary. You probably know that we have our active vocabulary and passive vocabulary. 

Active vocabulary is those words and phrases you know and you can use. Passive vocabulary is vocabulary that you can understand when you hear it, but it’s hard to remember during conversation and you fail to use it. I wanna share with you my personal experience and tips that helped me to grow. My number one tip for learning vocabulary is to learn phrases instead of words. 

The most effective way to grow your passive vocabulary is of course, writing down all new words and phrases. If you would like some of these words to be part of your active vocabulary, Repeat them out loud, And make your own sentences with those words. Write them down in various sentences so that those phrases become YOURS . It’s a very common mistake – just to put all words on the list but it’s not gonna work. It’s better to memorize words in context. 

Another important thing is To see what these phrases are used for. Sometimes when you see the word or the phrase you don’t know how to use it You can check out Youglish and watch them in different contexts. 

Or you can use Oxford Collocation Dictionary it’s one of my favourites This is a really helpful dictionary where you can find common word combinations that native speakers use and you can watch them in several contexts and this is essential for building a strong vocabulary and natural sounding in English. 

Also, we have precious Apps for learning vocabulary Anki is a program that makes remembering new words easy. The most amazing thing about Anki is digital flashcards You can download them or create your own flashcards The next App that has really helped me with my Language learning is Memrise It is also based on creating flashcards. 

Do you know about Space Techniques? Through spaced repetition of flashcards you can increase the rate of learning. Spaced repetition - is one of the most effective techniques for memorization. So, you should learn new vocabulary every single day, and it will definitely take your English to the next level. 

The next point is that native speakers use about 3 thousand vocabulary words whereas they can understand from 20,000 to 30,000 words but they never use them so you don’t need to know 20 000 words you need to learn only 3000 and start to use them. 

And being a fluent English speaker doesn’t mean being perfect it means you can use the language for everyday needs you’re able to communicate and that’s it. it’s not about using complicated terms and phrases from classic literature it’s about using simple basic vocabulary and being able to express yourself. 

Fluent in English – THE next strategy that will help you become more advanced, more fluent in English is LISTEN TO ENGLISH STUFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE You probably know that when you are in an English speaking country, it’s way easier and faster to learn English. And this is because when you listen to the language you’re trying to learn constantly then you memorize and understand it faster, because the language becomes a necessity for you. 

So the good news is you can listen to English speaking whenever you want and no matter where you live. First of all, listen to whatever you’re interested in and enjoy the most. It can be Podcasts, TV shows, Movies, Youtube videos and so on For example, you’re interested in Cooking or baking. 

Go on Youtube and watch videos about your favourite things, listen to the details when someone’s speaking about making food. Another important tip is Listen to different accents It will make you a better listener because when you listen to different accents, you can understand the language better. 

When I was listening to American accent only, I noticed that it was more difficult for me to understand Australian and British accent, I couldn’t get a word. so if you’ve listened to many different accents you’ll become a really good listener. I like to listen to both American and British accent For example, my favourite American TV shows are West World, Lie to Me, Doctor House and I also enjoy British TV shows – the Crown, the Last Kingdom, Behind Her Eyes And I’m crazy about Doctor Mike channel This channel is about health and medicine and I really enjoy watching it. 

Also, when I was learning English, I used to watch a movie in Russian (this is my native language), and then watch it in English without any subtitles. In this way you understand better and you train your ears to listen. All right The next thing that you need to improve your listening skills is kind of obvious. 

This is speaking practice. Speak to native speakers. Try to make friend, who speaks English. That would be great There are so many platforms where you can find a conversation partner Wyzant.com, Conversational Exchange and others We spend about 60% of our communication time listening and it’s essential to understand how to listen. 

When you listen to someone speaking English, don’t try to translate every word in your head, try to focus on the whole picture. And don’t forget to listen to English stuff every single day because, you know, practice makes perfect Strategy number 3 is gonna be a pretty important one because this is I’m sure the basis of language learning BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE Confidence is not something we were born with, but I’m sure, it's a powerful state of mind that anyone can learn And we need to boost our confidence to be able to speak confidently and fluently I feel like when we believe in our abilities, we can achieve great results in learning English, we tend to be more successful and confident speakers. 

When I started to speak English in front of a group of people, I was so incredibly nervous, and I had that inner voice in my head, that told me I 'm not good enough, my English is not that good, Oh I've made a grammar mistake; People judge me for my slow speaking... Every time I had to speak, I was stressed out. 

And I think we all have that inner voice, a critical voice that tells us we are not good enough. So my first tip to grow your confidence is keeping in mind a few important positive thoughts. We do actually have the power to boost our confidence. The first is think about success. 

Imagine yourself a fluent English speaker. I'm serious. The second - believe in your abilities and your talents. Literally, you have to program your mind for success. The best way to practice your confidence is Talking to yourself in front of the mirror. It’s a great way to improve yourself. First of all, when you watch yourself, your speaking, your facial expressions, your intonation, you can notice all your mistakes, you can correct them and become more confident. 

Another way to build your confidence is to celebrate your progress, the challenges that you've already accomplished. Let's say for example, you've learned Past Perfect Tenses and 20 new words! Praise yourself! Say something kind to yourself. Have some tasty food, drink a cup of coffee And never, never underestimate your progress Finally, don't be afraid of challenges. 

They help you grow and become more confident. When you face challenges in learning a language, the connections in your brain grow. Some students for example find it difficult to pronounce tricky English phrases, or understand fast English without subtitles. 

And when they face those challenges they tell themselves No, no I can't It's too difficult When you face a challenge your brain is focused on the problem, and you can find yourself mind trapped. Have you ever heard about mind traps? These are automatic thoughts based on someone’s negative experience. 

But! You should never stop practicing. It's not comfortable. It takes your energy, it takes focus, it takes much time, but please never stop. Let me give you an example. If it's difficult to pronounce words, Record yourself and then listen. A great thing is recording your voice can help you speak better and faster because when you listen to yourself on a recording you can see yourself from the outside. 

Notice all your mistakes and repeat those words over and over again. Your brain develops, neural connections grow, and then after a while, your mouth automatically make those difficult sounds and Later you'll see it's way easier to speak and understand natives with this consistent practice. And your confidence grows way faster. 

And one thing I wish I knew when I started to learn English is one method many psychologists had talked about Pretend being confident. Fake it until you make it. I was working as a private tutor for some years and It was not that easy to force myself to create a channel, it was sort of Step out of my comfort zone I have always been a shy introverted person, a very self - conscious, constantly being afraid of speaking, you know, a real wallflower. And if you are like me I wanna tell you that you can change everything, you can speak English and any other language without fear. 

You can build your confidence only by speaking to people. Don’t be afraid to speak, take any opportunity to speak English And please, Never apologize for your English Your progress really depends on how confident you are Well, I’ve told you about 3 Strategies to Dramatically Improve Your English and reach an Advanced level fast.

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