How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills Quickly

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills Quickly

Melbourne Classical Radio Hi, in today’s lesson you are going to Improve your English immediately by avoiding these six common grammar errors!

Tips 1. remember not to use “the” when talking about things or people in general. 

We say, “I am afraid of spiders,” and not  “I’m afraid of the spiders.” Because it is spiders in general that you are afraid of,  you are not afraid of some specific spiders.

Likewise, we say, My favourite sport is tennis and not my favourite sport is tennis because you are talking about tennis in general.

Tips 2 use the correct comparative form: remember to use –er for short (one syllable ) adjectives and two-syllable adjectives ending in –y so for example a comparative using a  short one-syllable adjective such as tall.

Sam is taller than Jack. Not  Sam is more tall than Jack. or a two-syllable adjective ending in y, for example, easy, The exam was easier than I expected. not  The exam was more easy than expected. and remember to use more for longer adjectives  (two syllables or more) and adverbs ending in –ly.

So for example with the long adjective such as  adventurous, ad-ven-tur-ous that’s 4 syllables: We say, you are more adventurous than  me. not you are adventurouser than me.

or with the adverb ending in –ly such as slowly. can you speak more slowly, please?.  not can you speak slowlier?

Tips 3 do not use “the” before “most”  when the meaning is “almost all.” most people prefer sunshine to rain. not  the most people prefer sunshine to rain. She works most of the time. not she  works the most of the time.

Tips 4. do not mistake adjectives for adverbs. 

use adjectives before nouns. zein is a careful driver. not  zein is a carefully driver. use adverbs to describe a verb. it was snowing heavily. not  it was snowing heavy. use adverbs before adjectives and other adverbs he eats incredibly quickly. incredibly is an adverb used before the adverb  quickly. telling you how quickly he eats. and not he eats incredible quickly.

Tips 5 remember to use “I will or I’ll” when  you have just decided to do something. don’t worry, I will do the washing  up. Not I do the washing up. or I’m thirsty, I think I’ll get something to  drink. not I get something to drink.

Tips 6 use verbs with –ing not to... when talking about  a situation that already exists or existed. So for example for a situation  that already exists now. Rebecca lives in Geneva now. she likes  living there. not she likes to live there. and as an example for a situation  that existed in the past. 

The office I used to work in was fun. I loved  working there. not I loved to work there. so now it’s your turn. which sentence is correct. my favourite food is the burgers.  or my favourite food is the burgers. that’s right. as you are talking about  burgers in general we don’t use “the” which sentence is correct?

let’s go. I drive. or let’s go I’ll drive.

let’s go. I’ll drive. as the  speaker has just decided something.  

it’s a spontaneous decision  so we use will or ‘ll.

You are ….... than me. You always win at cards.  (use the adjective lucky to compare you and me) luckier. because we are comparing two things you and me and using a two-syllable adjective  that ends y. it is not more lucky.

He was running …... (quick) Use the root  word quick to describe how he was running. quickly. you are describing the verb running so  you must use an adverb and not an adjective.

which sentence is correct: most apples are green. or  the most apples are green? the first sentence as we are meaning  almost all apples are green.

Mike has been in Nairobi  for 5 years . He prefers …..   (live) there to where he lived before. Fill  the gap with a form of the verb to live. write your answer down  below in the comment section and I promise to give you  feedback on how you have done.

So that’s it for today. I hope you remember these simple grammar tips to improve your  English straight away. remember to.... etc

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