How to Improve English from Home (5 Tips for learning English)

How to Improve English from Home (5 Tips for learning English)

Melbourne Classical Radio - Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to give you some tips that will help you go from beginner to intermediate in English. On my website, I already have an article that helps you go from intermediate to advanced. 

That's why I decided to do another article specifically focused on beginners. I'll try to write as understandable as possible in this article, because I understand that if you're a beginner or a pre-intermediate student, it might be extremely hard for you to still understand English. 

And now once you're ready, let's jump straight into the tips that will help you go from beginner to intermediate in English. 

I know that a lot of people hate grammar. You might hate grammar as well, but I still believe that it's extremely important to have a solid base. Once you know the most common grammar rules, it's gonna be so much easier for you to improve your level further. 

So when you just start learning English, I would recommend going through all the grammar rules in the book, "Basic Grammar In Use." "Basic Grammar In Use" is the grammar book for students of American English. If you wanna focus on British English, you can check out the book, the "Essential Grammar In Use." 

They're almost identical. One of them is just a little bit more suited to the students of American English. 

I use the "Essential Grammar In Use" when I just started out learning English, and I can tell you that it helped me a lot. I feel like all the grammar explanations there are suitable for beginners and pre-intermediate students as they provide a solid base that will later on help you improve your English even further. 

So once you have a good grammar book, you should probably go and find interesting books to actually read. Those books are gonna help you improve your reading, and they can also help you improve your grammar as well. Because while you read, you might notice some of the grammar structures you've just learned. 

A grade reader is basically a series of books, specifically targeted at English learners of different levels. 

So if you're a beginner or an elementary pre-intermediate student, I would recommend you go check out the Pearson English graded series. 

I feel like this series is the most suitable for beginners because they have a huge collection of books for children, for young adults, and as I always tell you when you're a beginner you should really try reading something very easy, like picture books or children's books, because this way you're gonna actually enjoy reading in English. 

My tip number three is try to find a good system to memorize new vocabulary. I always talk about the importance of expanding your vocabulary, of learning more and more words. Especially when you're a beginner, you don't know a lot of words in English yet. 

So it is extremely important to establish this good solid vocabulary base. 

But right now I'm just gonna tell you that obviously you can experiment with different techniques. Some people create paper cards, some people just put down all the words in their notebook. For me, it doesn't really work. 

That's why I use the AnkiApp. Some people also use Quizlet and Quizlet is also an amazing resource. Maybe when you're a beginner, it might be more fun for you because the interface of Quizlet is way nicer. 

So once you have a good grammar book and you also have a very interesting graded reader, and you also know how to memorize all the new vocabulary, you should think about getting accustomed to the British or American speech. 

Obviously I'm talking about listening here. And a good place to start, which is gonna cost you absolutely nothing, is podcasts. If you feel like when you're a beginner you can't really listen to any podcasts because you know, who listens to podcasts when they're a beginner, but you're wrong. 

There are actually a lot of amazing podcasts specifically for beginners or pre-intermediate students. If you wanna learn American English, then, "Voice Of America, Learning English" is gonna be the best choice for you. 

They actually have a lot of great episodes, not just for beginners. So if you're an advanced student, you can also use their podcasts. If you wanna learn British English, LearnEnglish Podcast app is gonna be the better choice for you. It's the most popular podcast on the British Council's website. 

And the British Council's website is also an amazing resource that you can definitely check out. And the last podcast that I would like you to check out is called "6 Minute English" from the BBC. I feel like this podcast is gonna be amazing for a lot of you, because it will fit even into the busiest schedules.
What I really like about their episodes is obviously because they're so short, they're only six minutes long, and also because they provide transcripts to every single episode. So you can follow along in case you miss something. 

And my last tip, my tip number five is gonna be about speaking. I think working on speaking is extremely important even from the earliest stages. And it is definitely something that I didn't do when I was a beginner or an elementary student. 

If you feel like when you're a beginner, you can't speak in English, you are well, wrong. First, you can start out by just repeating the phrases you just learned out loud. 

So when you write down the words that are new to you, or when you're using Anki or Quizlet, just read all the words out loud. It's gonna help you a lot in the future. And there is actually a website that I would like you to try out. It's called talkenglish.com. 

Currently, the website has three sections and every single section has a lot of exercises to develop your speaking skills. And don't worry, all of those exercises are for beginners or pre-intermediate students, so they're extremely easy, and they're just gonna boost your confidence. 

You're going to feel like, yeah, I can actually reach the intermediate level. And maybe even the advanced level one day. On the website, you can start by just saying simple phrases about yourself, just like a quick introduction. 

And then you're gonna also talk about your family, about your hobbies, about your friends, things you like, things you don't like. This is just a great resource that is gonna help you speak on the most basic topics.

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