What did you discover about the Dialogic Theory of Public Speaking? (Body language tips for leaders)

What did you discover about the Dialogic Theory of Public Speaking?

Melbourne Classical Radio - Mr. X is a hard-working guy, he was good in his studies. He used to gets good grades in every semester. But the sad part was, Mr X, didn't get a campus placement. In fact, other students who were average and above-average easily got campus placement.
Mr. X was humiliated and shattered by this. He did everything right, he was a great student, he even answered most of the questions correctly, still, he didn't clear the interview. Now, what would you have done? If you were Mr. X. Think for a moment. 

Don t worry, I will share the secret that Mr. X used and landed in a multinational company. After read this article you ll get the secrets to improve your communication skills and it will change your life drastically within a short period of time. 

So, watch it till the end. Now the shocking fact is that, in our life most of us have felt the same way at some point or the other like Mr. X. Where results are not the way we expected. Even though we gave your best at it. 

So, it's true that knowledge is not enough to be successful in life. How you convey your knowledge, how you present your knowledge also play a huge role in becoming successful. I believe communication skills are the most important skills in the 21st century. 

If you are not good at it, it will impact your career a lot, no matter what field you are from. Either you are a teacher, an engineer, a doctor or an actor. Improving your communication skills will accelerate the growth of your career. 

Now, communication doesn t mean what you say. It includes the way you say it and the way you present it. The visuals, the audio and the words. Your body language and the tone of your voice plays a huge role. 

Let s understand why. In ancient times, when there was no language, humans use to interact with body language and facial expressions. And that skill is still rooted in our brain. The person you are talking to not only listens to your words but also pays a lot of attention to your voice and your expressions unconsciously. 

This is why meeting a person in real life is much better than meeting them online. In reality you get to know about the person way more. I have seen some people who are great in online chatting and video calls, they have great relationships online. But when they start meeting in real life, things don t work out. 

Because you can make the online experience great using emojis and GIF, but that won t happen in real life. You won t be able to fake it in real life. So, to be charming, interesting and a great communicator, the three areas of focus should be the body language, the tonality of voice and the choice of words. If you master these three, everyone will give their undivided attention when you start speaking. 

Be it in a presentation or in a party. You will be able to impress everyone. Now, lets understand how to do it. To improve body language,always Keep a standing tall posture, keep shoulders back, maintain eye contact in a now creepy way and a keep a smiling face. 

To improve tonality, Pitch should Moderate to low and the pronunciation of words should be clear. And take pauses in between words. Let s see this example and understand this better. Notice the difference in tonality in both cases Mr. Y :Hey how are you? Mr X:I am great, what about you? Mr. X:Hey how are you? I am great. 

What about you? Did you notice the difference in tonality, I said the same thing, but in the 2nd time it was the right expression of my feelings. The listener can easily understand because you can easily manipulate your words but you body language and voice tone doesn t lie. 

That is why no matter how good your content is, no matter how knowledgeable you are. if your body language and tonality doesn t convey the same meaning as your words, your audience will not connect with you. 

Your interviewer will notice that disconnect subconsciously, which may result in rejection even if you are knowledgeable, that s what happened with Mr. X. Remember it's not only the script that makes a movie great, it also the visuals and the acting performances. If you are a MARVEL fan, you know what I mean. 

Now imagine listening to only the audio of ANY MARVEL film or any other film without watching it, will you have the same experience? I hope, you got my point. Let s see some examples of which body language conveys what message. 

You are talking to someone and they are constantly putting their head down, looking somewhere else and not sitting properly, So, this very well means that, the person either disagree with what you are saying or they are not interested in the topic at all. 

Avoid these when you are talking to your boss or your interviewer You are talking to a person in a party, then look at their shoes, are they pointed towards you, if so, than the person is actually paying attention to what you are saying? Otherwise they are just hearing what you are saying. This happens subconsciously. 

Next time Consciously point your shoes towards the person, while they are talking to you You are talking to someone at the office, and their arms are crossed and their torso is a little turned away and they are giving minimal facial expressions, this means they are just being defensive. 

Make sure you don t do these when someone is talking to you. You are having a conversation about and you are trying to get some information from that person and the person is maintaining little or no eye contact, constantly putting his/her fingers in front of his/her mouth. 

There is possibility that the person is lying to you. This will take some practice , but honesty is the best policy. Always speak truth.So, that you don t find yourself in the same situation. If you are sales person and you want to gain trust of your client, show your palms while you talk, it will make the client trust you subconsciously. I have used this technique and it gives great results. 

To know to more about sales techniques, clink on the i button or you will find the link in the description. When you are explaining something use your hands and point your palms towards the audience. 

Albert Mehrebian a psychologist told about 55-38-7 method, where he said while we are conveying emotions to another person, than the receiver gets 55% of what you are conveying from your body language, 38 % from your tonality and only 7 % from the words you are saying. This holds true only when you are trying to communicate emotions. that s how important your body language and your voice is than the words. 

For example, your boss just gave you a hard time, and you are feeling very low and demotivated. And if he asks you, are you all right? Obviously, you will say, yeah I am fine. But your boss will understand that you are not, by your body language and your voice. 

The words are not conveying your feelings but your body language and your voice are. The police can easily catch you if you are lying or telling the truth. They are master at reading your body language and your voice tone. 

They focus more on your body language and your voice than what you are saying. So, to master your commutation skills, start working on your tonality, and your body language. So, to summarise what we learned today, to be successful in life, it is very important to improve our communication skills. And to do that we need to improve three areas. 

No 1- Our body language while we talk. Non 2- Our tonality No 3 Choice of words. As i told you in the beginning about Mr X. He was already good at the 3rd part, after improving his body language and voice tonality, he excelled in his career. which among the three is your strong point. 

Do let me know in the comments, I would love to know about it. As I said visuals are very important just your likes, each like conveys a great message and its motivating for us.

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